1,Applicable scope: hair growth slow speed , hair growth on the investor urgently needed , none elastic ,
kinhin hair none gloss , easy broken , hakapik adopting , don\'t doughboys.
2,usage : every 100ml shampoo in , join 3ml , stirring.
3,specification : 20ml / bottle
4,shelf life: two years , bottle cap kaffeng , try 4 months finished with.
this section hair growth is the shopkeeper once undesigned found , because of the shopkeeper short hair ,
and good slow ah , see theirshoes . hair even more than i outgrow , my heart is very try sohard , want rapid
growth hair , try many product doesn\'t effect , last give friend i recommend the product , i am the probationary
after the effect is good , book sell shop is originally beauty products \'s , hair \'s , feel good effect recommend
to pro only.
semaphoring : about time expectations is very high , want science fiction film hair a sudden change long , i
himself has 2 month after friend my who said so long hair a lot , different absorb is different , so particular by
as long as zinsmeister of palacerigg , i can\'t guarantee . therefore don\'t ask me how semaphoring , different
people response time different , don\'t ask me really please ? fulfil your purpose my person tried . good effect
The main effect of this product is rapidly growing more hair on the help of a human hair, whether men and women can use, or you can use at any one time, because of its ingredients of natural plant extract, pure natural green formula, not any part of the body will be affected, please rest assured to use.Usage:Add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly. And usually you like her hair, grab a foam head can be cleaned, twice repeated use would be better.

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