Feature: Moisturizing
Gender: Female
Formulation: Lotion
Item Type: Face Serum
Ingredient: Sodium hyaluronate.Xanthan gum
Model Number: HC-MB016 VG-MB021
Certification: GZZZ
Certificate Number: 2016032021
Product Name: Hyaluronic acid.serum for face.essence
Functions: Moisturizing whiting.miracle glow.hydrating
Advantage: Plant moisturizing serum.day and night use
Effect: Anti-aging serum.depth replenishment
Suitable Age: Unlimited.liquid serum.smooth delicate
Suitable for: For dry skin.oily skin.skin care.whitening
Item Type: Face skin care.facial aesthetics.beauty products
Use for Face: Serum facial skin care.nourishing and moisturizing
Quality Inspection: Qualified.plant moisturizing serum.repairing
Expiration Date: 36 months.anti wrinkle firming.ageless

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