Yes, we have a wide range of brands and products based on organic ingredients that are free of pesticides and herbicides from while the purest and the most extracts can be removed from them. The brands at PowerMakeup seek to make the manufacturing process as natural and with the least possible environmental impact. Our brands keep away from any genetically modified ingredients, fragrances, preservatives, and synthetic dyes or chemical additives that can harm you or the environment in any way.

At PowerMakeup, all our brands are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Our brands are chosen by our beauty experts who collect companies' info, their manufacturing process, their ingredients, and the origin of their products to decide if they are worth being a part of the PowerMakeup family of brands or not. Most of the brands we sell at PowerMakeup are certified by one of these entities: Ecocert, Cosmebio, Soil Association, USDA, BDIH, ICEA, ND, and, NATRUE.

At PowerMakeup, our brands are intended for various age groups. From the newborn to the most mature skins, from hair to makeup, from personal care for men to the personal care for the most problematic skins, we have a wide variety of brands and products to suit your unique beauty needs.

The brands at PowerMakeup have no such components that can interfere with breastfeeding or pregnancy. At PowerMakeup, all our products are safe to use and there is no restriction of using any products either in breastfeeding or in pregnancy. However, to be on the safer side, you are recommended to check for the ingredients before buying a product (especially those that have to be applied to the breast area during breastfeeding and on the belly during pregnancy) even If they are natural.

All certified biological brands at PowerMakeup are prohibited from doing animal tests on the final products so you can rest assured that we are not cruel and neither are our products.

Not all products. some of our products may contain ingredients that are not vegan such as honey and beeswax. However, all of our products are cruelty-free.

You can track your order whenever you want by signing into your PowerMakeup account and clicking on your order number. If your order has been shipped, you will see a link on the top of your screen to update you about your current order status.

Definitely. We are following all SOPs and additional preventive measures to keep you, our employees, and others safe in our stores.

Yes, we do. Please read about how we are taking precautions and making them work in these hard times. Read about our curbside pickup policy on our Terms and Conditions page.

Yes, we do offer gift cards and keep our subscribed customers notified about them through regular newsletters and emails. You can read about our policy on our Terms and Conditions page.

At PowerMakeup, you can return your purchases within 60 days of purchase in-store and online. We don’t charge a single penny on the returns. You can return your purchases to your local store or online by mail. Read the full policy on our Terms and Conditions page.

Yes, Same Day Delivery is available at select PowerMakeup locations. To learn more about our Same Day Delivery policy visit our Terms and Conditions page.

At PowerMakeup, You can contact our customer support team at any time of the day. Please proceed to our Contact us page to contact our team.

Yes, but it depends. For orders above (), you can split your purchase into four interest-free payments. For more details on our Shop Now, Pay Later service, visit our Terms and Conditions page.

You can create your PowerMakeup account by clicking on the Signup button at the top of our page. You are required to provide us with your contact information and choose a password. What if I want to cancel an order? In case you have changed your mind about an order and don’t feel like buying it, please try and reach out ASAP as we ship orders fast. Call us @ or text for immediate service or you can also email us at the given address.

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